Customer Agreement

اتفاقية العملاء

Customer Agreement The general terms of the agreement with RESCODY are considered 

Dear Customer, the Customer Agreement is a preliminary dealing document, so be sure to get a clear copy of the agreement or invoice from sales representatives that clarifies the agreement details from the technical and technical details and clarifies the obligations between the customer and RESCODY .

The customer agreement guarantees you the intellectual property rights of the project or design, and the ownership rights of the source code Source Code And the rights of technical solutions IT Solutions for service, whether "technical study, programming or Web Design and Development or Mobile App Development or Graphic Design or E-Marketing or Motion Graphics And all the services that we provide are reserved for the benefit of the first party (Ruskudi), and accordingly, the first party (Ruskudi) and the second party (the customer) have the right to put their logo and website link to them in the site and application interface or in a prominent and clear place for the visitor and the browser and user of that application or site and the second party is not entitled to A request to remove the rights of the first party except with the consent of the first party and pay 20% of the contract value.


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