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Web hosting from RESCODY where we offer the best types Web Hosting The Internet at affordable prices for our customers, safe, integrated and amazing hosting with strong specifications to preserve your customers and get advanced results in Google and high speed to maintain your customers and your site remains safe, stable and steadfast, by choosing a web hosting service from RESCODY that has multiple advantages to maintain the safety and integrity of your site and your data where The speed of the site can slow down or help the growth of your business. We will help you by providing hosting services with the highest technologies and at the best prices by providing a set of joint site hosting plans and a distinct set of hosting plans on virtual servers (VPS) at the cheapest price T and the best specifications as well as a total of the best servers.

استضافة المواقع
استضافة مواقع

Web Hosting

Powerful and fast hosting with unlimited specifications and reasonable prices


Host your website and start your project now without any restrictions as we provide web hosting services to suit your site needs with excellent quality and best prices and best specifications in a group of the best private servers, we are working to provide hosting services for individuals and companies and we are interested in creating the latest and most powerful technical means that enable us to help customers in a way Unique technician and technician, and we are always keen to provide the maximum possible assistance to our customers because their success is the best we can achieve for all of our customers at RESCODY.

Our Hosting Features

The best technology solutions with a unique experience

نسخ احتياطية

نسخ احتياطية

Internal and external backup copies daily, weekly and monthly

لوحة تحكم

Control Panel

control panel to control the site and upload files

Continuous Protection

Our server is subject to a very strict monitoring system around the time all days of the year

Domain of your choice

Get a domain .com. Or net. You choose with any hosting plan

competitive Prices

Our prices are very competitive locally and internationally compared to the services you will get

Official Emails

We make official e-mail in the name of your website

Transfer For Free

We provide you with a website transfer service from another host to our hosting for free

Support & Protection

One year continuous technical support with protection and full guarantee against breakdowns and problems around times.

Faster Performance

We use an advanced system to speed up your site.

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