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Web design and development plays a vital role in your Business because you deserve the best we always provide you with in RESCODY Unique design will help you to attract more customers and give you competitive advantage and lead among companies, design services web site It helps you to further define your brand and help you reach new customers every dayThrough the provision of a web design service, we work to offer the best design and programming techniques to suit the needs of our customers.

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Features of Web Design&Development

With us is the beginning that guarantees the continuous success of your business

Responsive Design

All our sites are compatible smart phone screen sizes to make sure the site are excellent quality.

Upscale UI

We are always keen to provide the website in proportion to the needs of our customers.

Easy Dashboard

We provide an easy-to-use dashboard to easily manage your site's content.

Protection Standards

Technical protection standards in all of our products are of the highest priority in order to fully preserve your data and files.


The website that we offer to our customers is suitable for all the categories that the customer deals with in a way that guarantees him excellent communication with his customers

Friendly of SEO

All of our sites that we offer have been built to be friendly to global search engines.

Official Emails

We provide our customers with a set of official email addresses associated with the name of their site.

Technical Value Website

We aim to build websites for our customers that create new value in the local and global technical market.

Technical Support

We care to provide after-sales services to our customers to ensure the quality of service.

What We Do ?

We are a web & app development company that turns your ideas into a new driving force of your business.

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Government Official Sites

We provide the best technical solutions for digital government portals that work on direct communication between citizens and the official authorities of the country through the digital portal.

مواقع المستشفيات والعيادات

Hospitals & Clinics Sites

We technically assist with hospital departments, clinics, and medical centers in providing their technical personnel to facilitate the management and follow-up process with their clients.

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Sites For Companies

Because the website is the distinctive interface, we work to provide website creation services with services, projects and news of companies with the best software technology in a professional manner.

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Hotels & Tourism

To reach more customers locally and globally, you need a great website to view tourist programs and reservations, while providing an easy control panel to easily manage site conten

مواقع التجارة الإلكترونية


Selling online now is now achieving the biggest return with a relatively less effort, so we help you to do this by offering an integrated and distinctive website to display your products to meet your desires.

مواقع الإعلانات والعروض

Classified Ads

To view classified ads on the site for quick and easy with the ad owner to complete the deal and communicate sales in the fastest time and at the lowest possible cost.

مواقع الجمعيات الخيرية

Charitable Sites

Because charity work needs to be spread among all segments of society ,we provideing services and activities and means of donation followed with linking social networking sites.

المواقع الشخصية للأفراد

Personal sites

Through a website, you can review your most important ideas and interests to reach a larger segment of society.

المواقع الخدمية

Service Sites

E-services are the fastest and most requested now, so we have provided services and demand sites services faster and easier than before.

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