Our Services

We are providing valuable technical products

Our Services At RESCODY, we strive to provide new and distinctive technology value as we work to provide services Web Design and Development ، Mobile App Development ، Graphic Design ، Motion Graphics ، E-Marketing By providing new and unique technical value to advance the Arabic product and content, we work to provide a world of creativity in web design, application design, graphic design for business identities, and e-marketing services where we work to find the best technical solutions to meet the needs of the local and global market and add an advantage and value New among the pioneers of the technical field.

Our Services

At RESCODY we take care of the smallest details of the work so that we give the lead to our customers

Our Services
تصميم مواقع

Because you always deserve the best, we providing a unique design to help you attract more customers , give you a competitive advantage and leadership among companies.

تصميم تطبيقات

Now you can provide your services and products in an innovative, creative and interactive way to your customers on mobile phones, Android or iPhone.

استضافة مواقع

We providing a high safe of hosting with strong specifications to ensure your site continuity and high speed to maintain your customers and keep your website safely away from hacking.

تصميم جرافيك

The design is the bridge of communication between you and your customers, as it is the first impression that we strive to provide all our energy to provide innovative and unique style and visual content so that your works appear at the highest level of excellence.

التسويق الالكتروني

Because it is considered the most effective tool in the field of advertising , promotion of services and products, as it is distinguished by ensuring reaching the largest possible number of targeted audience.

موشن جرافيك

We work to create integrated visual content for the distinctive marketing of your products or services in an innovative manner and in a great quality .

How Do We Work ?

Preparation For The Project

General Principles

Study the work and present the problems and challenges facing the project.


We discuss the project closely with developing technical solutions to meet project challenges and define tasks.

Wire Framing

In RESCODY we provide project screens initially to explain the idea of the project.

The Stage Of Work

Graphic Design

At RESCODY, we perform visual design projects for the project, and the customer will always be closely involved with the design team in this process to provide general guidance and guidance.

Development Stage

The RESCODY developers team is working on programming the project based on the vision outlined in the previous design and agreed upon and according to the agreed period.

The Testing Stage

In RESCODY, we perform tests of the programming system to ensure the integrity of the system, to confirm the existence of the functions and requirements previously agreed upon, and to ensure the existence of safety standards.

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We transform your wonderful ideas into reality