RESCODY Is A Technical Value App Design و Web Design and Development Internet and services Graphic Design services E-Marketing Where we care to provide our services with high technical performance to our customers so that we can change the lives of our customers for the better, we are developing andApp Design for smart phones to become easy to use and give new technology value to users, and therefore we are working to provide the necessary technical support to our partners as best as possible by providing competitive prices with care to provide a technical product of global quality befitting us and our partners.


Our Message

 At RESCODY we offer integrated technical solutions in Web & Mobile App (Android & iPhone ) Development and digital marketing, with a focus to providing new technical value in the Middle East and All over The World.

Our Vision

We strive to be one of the 10 best companies in the Middle East in Web & Mobile App (Android & iPhone ) Development and digital marketing, competing locally and internationally, by providing innovative solutions with high quality.

What we do

The best technology solutions with a unique experience

Web Design and Development

The most important human innovations were Writing innovation, As the effective means of communicating on a daily basis until the development reached by creating websites is the point of the age for every person or company working for profit or non-profit goals in a coordinated and interactive manner with the site's user.

Mobile App Development

In RESCODY we always say, "The site creates awareness or the application makes sales." From this standpoint, the idea of designing applications comes at the present time for most companies as the applications take the form of the seller or service provider that deals with customers or visitors on the application.

Graphic Design

Design is the bridge of communication between you and your customers, it is the first impression that we strive to provide, and we provide all our energy to provide innovative and unique text and visual content to show your works in the highest level of excellence.

Web Hosting

We providing a high safe of hosting with strong specifications to ensure your site continuity and high speed to maintain your customers and keep your website safely away .


Because it is considered the most effective tool in the field of advertising , promotion of services and products, as it is distinguished by ensuring reaching the largest possible number of targeted audience.

Motion Graphics

We work to create integrated visual content for the distinctive marketing of your products or services in an innovative manner and in a great quality .

Features you get with RESCODY

The best technology solutions with a unique experience


Value & High Quality

We a provide a high-quality technical product to suit the needs of our Customers.

Customers Satisfaction

We take into account the requirements of our customers in order to guarantee them the lead and obtain a competitive advantage

Special Offers

We work to provide the best services at the lowest possible prices while maintaining the quality of service and ensuring the work progress.

Technical Support

We provide continuous technical support and provide practical solutions during the period of technical support to ensure the quality of after-sales service.

Update & Development

The technical field is in great development every day, so we are always keen on following up and applying everything new in the technical field.

Agreements & Contracts

One of our most important priorities is to adhere to the agreed contracts, and implement the project as required in the specified time and agreed upon.

Start a Project

We transform your wonderful ideas into reality